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Our Pieces

We believe in a Fashion that tell a, story and causes meaningful  impact in each step throughout its journey

Capsule collection

made in rio...

Rooted in the heart and soul of Rio de Janeiro, we believe in the power of joy as fuel to face life. Our inspiration comes from nature's energy: forests, mountains, mangroves, rivers, waterfalls, and beaches. We embrace receptiveness and embody the spontaneity of  people from Rio in everything we do.



Conscious and responsible

We believe that each of our processes should embody transparency and reverence for life. We are dedicated to cherishing talents and creating avenues for opportunities.

How Kawana is made?
Made by hand.png

by hand 

with care

With care.png
Artifully designed.png

artfully designed

our Story

Through a dream of one of our founders, Kawana was born as a brand. Her dream was to, through her craftsmanship, increase her income and embark on entrepreneurship. Just like her, many other artisans and professionals share the same dream of turning their talents into income. Our brand emerges with the mission of assisting entrepreneurial women in achieving their dreams through their talents. Thus, contributing to a more conscious and sustainable fashion, with each piece reflecting a life and a story.

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